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Kitchen electrical industry into the home appliance market growth main driving force

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Kitchen electrical industry into the home appliance market growth main driving force
"At present, the entire kitchen electric industry is in the uplink channel, has become the main driving force for the growth of the home appliance market statistics show that 2016 kitchen electric market size reached 84.7 billion yuan, up 14 percentage points, becoming the fastest growing four categories of home appliances "May 23, held in Beijing," 2017 China Kitchen Appliance Summit Forum ", around the kitchen appliances and home appliances industry development trends and future development of the whereabouts of the industry were introduced and discussed.
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Report released on the market research report, according to incomplete statistics, as of 2016, the domestic kitchen electric market in the number of brands has reached 577, far beyond the washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning and television and other home appliances brand in the sale Quantity. A large number of new influx of the brand, in the rapidly bigger "kitchen economy" at the same time, also buried a price war risks. 2017, with the overall economic situation improved, consumer demand to further highlight the upgrade, kitchen electric market, the rapid growth trend will be extended, the market potential continues to increase. In order to be able to share in the fast-growing market, manufacturers of the kitchen between the fight for the fight against the war intensified.
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"But so far, the kitchen electric market is not caught in the price cycle of the cycle." China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute Vice President Ge Fengliang analysis, "This is mainly due to the kitchen electrical enterprises adhere to the high-end smart kitchen development strategy, firmly grasp Living in the domestic consumer escalation trend, and actively carry out product differentiation innovation, to seize the high-end consumer groups. "Beijing Zhongkang era market research Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Peng Yu believes that to meet the high-end consumer groups, the concept of quality consumption, With more and more trend labels, high-end, intelligent, healthy, embedded, etc., for the market into a diversified driving force for innovation at the same time, but also to become the home appliance market, "the only high profits." This is the kitchen electric market to continue the rapid development of the key.
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At the forum organized by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, Global Grid and "Home Appliance" magazine, Beijing Zhongyikang Times Market Research Co., Ltd. held a market analysis report that the "thirteen five" plan stressed The household registration policy and urbanization, shantytowns, the central and western regions of the consumption growth, the second child policy and the prosperity of the current stage of refined decoration market, are indicative of the future consumption upgrade speed. Kitchen electric and people's daily life is closely related to the needs of consumer upgrades driven by speed, the kitchen electric market to accelerate the inevitable change.
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Suning Tesco Group kitchen and toilet company operating three general manager Liu said that the future of kitchen electrical products, especially in the direction of high-end products will be the general amount of large air volume, the operation center of large-screen, intelligent content in-depth, multi-point product interconnection , Functional and efficient health. Enterprise product innovation, is no longer a feature for a product rich, but to form a collaborative kitchen system, kitchen products to achieve the scene of the application. This requires enterprises not only have the ability to continue to innovate, but also to have a deep understanding of the kitchen culture, a firm "ingenuity" indispensable. (Source: in the network)



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