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Home appliances also play "shared economy", sharing not embarrassing?

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Since the sharing of bicycles and other shared bicycles, "shared economy" in China will flourish, from the initial cycling and then to the charge Po, basketball, umbrellas and so unrelated industries. When the mobile Internet traffic and physical products, short-term explosive growth is like a mixture of aphrodisiac stir the interests of the parties involved in the nerve, which also includes the appliance industry.
Black goods category, music as the May 16 launch of the so-called "the world's first shared TV" super 4 X55M. In the white, the washing machine first force "shared economy", the recent major media have reported, "shared washing machine" appeared in the streets of Shanghai, for the public to use.
It is expected that the share economy will grow by 40% in 2017, and by 2020 the share economy is expected to account for about 10% of China's GDP. In recent years, the appliance industry has been in a doldrums, would like to take this opportunity to break through the "bottleneck" can also understand.
But never thought, "shared economy" but let the appliance business suffered embarrassment - although pocketed the attention, but rarely applauded.
Music TV gives the "sharing" theory is that super TV users to complete the specified task to extend the year of film and television members. Specific tasks include: boot up to 277 days, through the TV shopping to pay games such as the accumulation of "growth value" to a certain amount or purchase after-sales service spree.
Obviously, "shared TV" occupied the "headlines" in recent days, the other side is blowing the question. There are statistics of the Sina micro and Netease and other news posts in the comments 466 users reply, support only 14%. Home appliances observers Liu Buchen to see words, music as a shared TV, in essence, closer to the MLM model: you have to buy my product, you have to pull me off the assembly line, you have the eligibility to withdraw rebate, as to how much rebate, depending on you buy How many products, pull the number of off the assembly line. This is obviously an alienation of television attributes.
At the same time, white goods in the sharing of washing machines are also controversial. In a shopping mall located in Shanghai's Xuhua Longhua Road, two washing machines and a dryer caused the public to stop observation, but few people use. Among the many interviewed people, they are most worried about is the health and safety issues. More people have pointed out that this approach is difficult to understand, not only unsanitary, and so many clothes shipped to the mall to wash very troublesome, the experience of the price is not high.
In fact, the so-called shared washing machine, not fresh, and even many people used in college. Because the streets of this "shared washing machine" with the university dormitory laundry coin laundry machine no different. And long before, Haier has begun to explore the nature of the washing machine in the campus scene applications. From the model point of view, we can understand it as "shared washing machine", and this model than in the shopping malls, stations and other places more use value. So many people think that the so-called Shanghai street "shared washing machine" but by "sharing" in the name of "marketing" of the real.
With the sharing of cycling, "sharing" the word seems to have become a popular language, any thing posted "shared" label seems to be the hot topic in the city. But the use of strong home appliances, whether "hungry to sell dog meat," a consumer at a glance, do not steal the chicken into the rice, but was "shared" embarrassment.


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