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Counterattack: electric business to become the first channel of home appliances retail

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  Guide: Jingdong appliances each year in 618 have new games, concerned about sustainable development, the foothold in the product quality and user experience, the result will be retailers, brands and consumers win-win.
Yan Xiaobing recently good mood, in the routine daily routine, there are subordinates noted that the Jingdong Group Vice President, Jingdong Mall home appliance business president is always cheerful. At this point, from the Jingdong year quite important promotional node 618 has less than a month.
Eight years ago, Jingdong first large-scale concept from the marketing to do 618, and now the same day the cat's double 11 side for the domestic quite two popular shopping section. Yan Xiaobing manipulator of the category of household appliances can reflect the pace of development of Jingdong, this business has been growing at high speed, with the past, the growth rate of traditional home appliance channels in the year one and eleven two peaks, Jingdong as an electrician , Home appliances sales peak in the first half of the 618 and the second half of the double 11. Relative to the second half, 618 is the acceleration point of the year is also a new performance floor, rushed to run faster. This phenomenon and the line of traditional retailers after the promotion of the sales curve will go down just the opposite.
In Jingdong internal, 618 is set to a level, every year on a step seems logical. 618 this year, Jingdong home appliance stocking is the 2012 815 electricity business war when 50 times. Yan Xiaobing said he did not know where the end of the development of electricity business. Although the electricity business has not been so fast as a few years, but the overall increase is still far ahead of the line, the outside world did not see the so-called development bottleneck.
Yan Xiaobing attributed the reason to "efficiency", the nature difference between such an electrician and a traditional retailer would be mapped to both the price and the profitability. "The transfer of sales channels is irreversible, or you go to change, or can only be eliminated." Let him happy is that each year after 618 baptism will have a number of enterprises into the line.
Counterattack: electric business to become the first channel of home appliances retail
May 17, the United States Vice President Wang Jinliang led to Jingdong, and Yan Xiaobing signed a "Red June mission book." Since 2013, when the total settled in Jingdong, the United States online sales increased by 7 times. Wang Jinliang said that the United States will not cap on the sprint 618, to ensure that 3 billion yuan sales target reached to create a new single-channel single-month home appliance sales record. After less than a week's time, Haier, Fang too, the boss and other mainstream household electrical appliance enterprises have visited Jingdong, to discuss "618 Mid-Year Shopping Festival" promotional resources and policies.
Home appliance giant focus on Jingdong, showing the impact of 618 and Jingdong electric business advantage recognition. In the minds of consumers, "618 Mid-Year Shopping Festival" has surpassed the May Day promotion, becoming the first half of the important home appliance sales season. Before and after a month's time, home appliance manufacturers will not only come up with housekeeping skills to sell products, but also like to come out of their list to compete. Their 618 results will be consumers as an important basis for future purchase of home appliances. Some people have calculated, participated in the 618 promotion of the brand, as long as the resource to the bit, the month sales growth will be doubled.
"618 do not need to mobilize, manufacturers will come up with considerable resources." Yan Xiaobing said. Every year at this time, he is painful and happy. On the one hand, all the warehouses in Jingdong are burst warehouse, the manufacturers of goods vehicles in the long row of long queues, out of a can into a reservation to have to be discharged after 10 days. On the other hand, the needs of consumers long-term "not enough", a lot of goods on the line was spike.
Five years ago it was another scene. At that time, Jingdong chose to set off a home appliance price storm in August, aimed at the line up nearly 30% of the sales cost back to the consumer. Strong line of traditional retailers and some home appliance manufacturers through the stop supply was curbed.
That battle became the watershed development of electricity business, Jingdong let enterprises understand the online rent in the venue, the contract point, promotional costs, staff wages and other cost structure has a natural advantage, so that they know that cooperation with Jingdong, to meet the money , Breaking the demand for sales. More importantly, consumers began to know the Internet can also buy home appliances.
Since then, "counterattack" runs through the story of the transformation of electricity business, 2013 Haier full product line and Jingdong cooperation, the United States in 2014, Siemens, Samsung and other first-line brand have success force Jingdong. Jingdong became a leader in China's home appliance network purchase, the electricity business from the edge of the channel to enhance the dominant. With the upgrading of market position, the size of electricity providers, warehousing logistics and shopping experience have developed by leaps and bounds. Here, Jingdong founded 618, but also from the initial internal promotion gradually advanced for the whole people shopping brand symbols and enterprises are very concerned about the electricity sales node. This is the result of Jingdong own hard work, but also in its influence under the electricity business environment is improving, consumption continue to migrate to the line factors.
Earlier this year, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and the release of the "2016 China home appliance network purchase analysis report" shows that electricity business platform with nearly 20% penetration, more than all the traditional sales channels, jumped to the first channel of home appliances retail. Among them, Jingdong to 62% of the proportion of online appliances into a considerable retail channels and a considerable domestic appliance retailers.
Dividend: leading the industry and consumer upgrades
With the rise of the middle class and the structural reform of the supply side, the concept of consumption of our residents is moving from functional consumption to quality consumption. High-end products continue to online migration, online products to further optimize the development of electricity will become a very important trend and new growth point. Yan Xiaobing this experience quite deep, before he always worried about high-end product stocking more than sell, and later found that consumers demand for high-quality products is very strong.
Consumers' attention to quality also extends to 618. A survey shows that during the 618 period in the shopping tendency they were quite concerned about the quality, brand and price. This means that the meaning of the brand 618 is not just an important shipping node, but also for the brand image and product quality of the arena. Jingdong appliances released last year's 618 shopping list shows that big brands in the sales rankings occupy an important position, quite favored by consumers is music, Haier, the United States and other big brands, high-quality products.
Jingdong appliance average unit price rising also reflects the above trend. As an Internet company, Jingdong has the ability to capture the needs of consumers and change their own advantages. In Yan Xiaobing view, Jingdong future to give consumers a better quality products. Beginning in 2015, Jingdong more focus on high-end products, discount demand and the number of promotions. There are some very expensive appliances sold in Jingdong unexpectedly good, 5,000 yuan or even million on the refrigerator in Jingdong become the mainstream consumer. Not long ago, Sony is quite expensive of an OLED TV in Jingdong and line synchronization sales, in the absence of any promotion of the case, the product sales in Jingdong accounted for more than 20%.
Yan Xiaobing had an interview with reporters, said the target users in the future will be more extensive coverage of the elite, let the purchasing power of the elite are slowly used to shop online. High-end products not only in the Jingdong dominant first-tier cities sales rosy, similar needs are also extended down, 234 city sales growth is also growing.
Like shopping in Jingdong people will notice a funny phenomenon, Jingdong household appliances in recent years, more subtle, such as small appliances were split into life appliances, personal care appliances, promising water purifier is also separate points out. The target customers of home appliances related to improving the quality of life are mostly middle class and young family, and product positioning and attributes determine that they are more likely to be expanded online. Similarly, sweeping robots and air purifiers and other emerging products will also power as the main battlefield, which is online sales close to the whole half.
In 2016, Jingdong joint authority, jointly issued the Jingdong small household appliances access standards and the pursuit of the implementation of the rules, the two countries do not require mandatory testing or certification of the project into the small household appliances access standards, improve the quality of small appliances threshold. In the same year, Jingdong in the country for the first time launched a "home appliance purchase index" to help ordinary consumers from the complex parameters of household appliances selected products.


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